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Oh my

I don't know who this handsome fellow is, but I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out.

logweiny responds:

I'm more concerned about his massive manhood getting jammed in the door.


It is worth nothing that earlier today all users who have previously reviewed this flash tied me up and forced me to suck their dicks in turn whilst they dressed in ladies clothing. I think you should disregard their opinions.

Lare responds:

Current score: 2.40.



Four years ago, I was online when Life Begins to Suck at 40 was submitted. I don't know why, but I remember it well. I even remember your voice in that flash. I don't remember things about any other flash from four years ago but that one, and I can't see a reason for it. So you can imagine how I felt when I came online today and was able to vote this flash through the portal. What a nice coincidence. Or magic, I don't know.

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I am part Dragon in real life. I am very INTO dragons. I collect dragon figurines I have several hundred collectible dragon figurines with detachable wings on top of my dresser. They are all very rare and if anyone comes between me and my dragon collection I may just FREAK out. I will have a fit. They mean a lot to me, and if you say you are going to damage them in anyway I will be forced to protect them!! Is that clear?

CrippledPig responds:

That is perfectly clear... O_o

Exactly 400 deaths

Completed in just under two hours with precisely 400 deaths. Sure does feel like a waste of time.

Nothing new.

I haven't rated it down because of the payment scheme, I just couldn't rate it higher when it isn't a full game. After all, I can't be expected to rate something too highly when I completed it in under twenty minutes. This series needs something new beyond the art or it doesn't seem worth bringing out a new one.

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Well I've not seen the Office so I've got nothing to compare this against, but for what it was, I enjoyed it. The voice samples are odd which is what made me give an eight, but overall it shows a lot of talent.

Assios responds:



I've found my new favourite audio, and I'll be sure to use this in a flash sometime soon. I'm truly amazed that something this great hasn't gathered as much attention, because this is a great piece of music. Please keep up this great work.


Believe it or not, I have this on my MP3 player. I had it saved to LimeWire or something, (I've used it in two flashes), and it got on there by accident. I'm not complaining though.

Anyway, this is a great piece you have here, keep it up and I'll keep listening.

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Before you insult me in your reply to this review

i'd just like to say, i don't particularly care if a guitar is offensive in all honesty. I like a good old fashioned shocking guitar that will offend everyone, but these guitars weren't even that funny. Nor were they offensive. I mean i read them all and i didn't laugh once.
And on top of that, this whole thing could have pretty much been written down. Why does it need to be a flash?
You're reply to this review had better be in capital letters containing some very arrogant yet somehow insincere comments, like i would expect from a user who created this flash video.
Even though your reply will be predictable, i'm sure you'll find your way around a predictable response and cause me to laugh. Which will be nice, because i'm definitely not laughing at your flash. Rant over.


I already do.

Steff responds:



My Dad has one similar to that :O
no silencer
im not a gun guy so idk but it looks just like it
same stripe
same shape
just no silencer XD
he sticks it up his ass

Steff responds:


My friend's rabbit was blown up by a firework. I'm not supposed to find it funny.

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