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My friend's rabbit was blown up by a firework. I'm not supposed to find it funny.

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I have a certain level of disdain for individuals who treat the internet seriously. As such, I never reveal genuine information about myself on Newgrounds and, as a whole, Sidorio is a character. It's fair to say that this account is similar to me to as a real life person, but features and mannerisms are exaggerated because you can do that on the internet and get away with things you never usually could in the real world. That's what I like about Newgrounds and that's what I like about the four and a half years I've spent here.

But unfortunately I'm now going to treat the internet seriously and devulge some information about myself. In January 2009, I made a news post claiming that I was going to leave Newgrounds because I felt that it was best to distance myself before I went to university. I quickly came back. Last year, all I knew is that I wanted to go to university, so I hastily applied for a place at Kent to do a degree in History. I proceeded to fail my exams and did not get this place. I've not told anybody this over the internet before and I'm sure you don't care so I'll get it over with quickly. To cut a long story short, I've spent this last year redoing two of my subjects and reconsidering things. I decided that I instead wanted to do my degree in American Studies with History (feel free to laugh like everybody else does when I tell them) at a different university. Today, following A-Level Results Round Two, I secured a place there with an A* and an A grade to go with a C from last year.

As I'm sure you most have gathered by now, I don't plan to continue visiting Newgrounds when I leave Plymouth next month on the 23rd of September. Firstly, I want everybody to know that I'm not doing this because I've got bored with NG like so many people do before they leave. I still love this site and would continue to browse it if I'd failed this years exams as well. That's why it's a good time to leave, so we have a high point to remember it by. I'll miss it but it'll be better than just fading out.

I'm resigned to the fact that I won't make the top contributors list and that my flash days are coming to an end. I'll be posting my final submissions over the next couple of weeks. For a while I wasn't sure what to do about my final flash and I'd originally planned for it to be good old Brackenwood sex as usual. But I think that I might like to make something else - some sort of encyclopedia of all the flash I've made. Few will watch it and it'll get a poor score but I want people to know that I wasn't a mindless spammer. Every single one of my submissions has a story behind it and I'd like to share them.

As for the community, there's so much to say. I've decided not to post a list of people who mean a lot to me because invariably I will forget somebody. But you probably know who you are. In fact, if you're reading this then there's a good chance you're one of the many people who I've known and loved on this website. As much as it sickens me to say, given my stance on taking the internet seriously, I do consider you all to be friends. Not in the conventional sense I suppose, but I'm sure I'll remember you and you have shaped me as a person - after all, I have been visiting Newgrounds for nearly a quarter of my life.

So there we go. I'm struggling to think of what more I can say without boring you. I'm not leaving straight away though, and I plan to continue as normal until the date I leave. At that point, I will stop responding to comments, PMs and reviews. The night before, I'll probably pay a visit to the user pages of a select few and say a quick goodbye because this is quite a big deal to me as I will miss you. I hope you all go on to productive lives when you also leave.

Let's not overburden ourselves and be sad about this though because like I said, it's a real high point to be leaving on and I'll have nothing but good memories of this place. I certainly hope you've got good memories of me. And if you haven't, well fuck you anyway, you're probably taking the internet too seriously.

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