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The Finale The Finale Rated Stars This is the end, beautiful friend Drama Team Twilight &amp;lt;3 Team Twilight <3 Rated Stars One day Edward will take me away with him Drama La Traviata La Traviata Rated Stars L'opera Imaginaire Drama Cock Rockets Go Home Cock Rockets Go Home Rated Stars FARE YE WELL Drama Clever Bastard Clever Bastard Rated Stars Happy Clock Day, you motherfuckers Informative Sunshine Meets B: Finale Sunshine Meets B: Finale Rated Stars IT'S THE FINAL COUNT-DOWN Drama Three Robot Stories Three Robot Stories Rated Stars Three fascinating stories about the life of robots. Other Madness Cumbat Madness Cumbat Rated Stars The Notrious H.A.N.K goes out on the town Drama The SJC Hexalogy The SJC Hexalogy Rated Stars An S&M Production. Comedy - Original A Kawaii Adventure A Kawaii Adventure Rated Stars :3 Other June 4th June 4th Rated Stars JUST LOOK AT THIS FUCKING AWESOME DAY Informative Bitey of Smackenwood Bitey of Smackenwood Rated Stars WHY IS BITEY SO CRUEL? Drama May 11th May 11th Rated Stars Always remember. Informative The Cetacea The Cetacea Rated Stars Some whales never learn Drama &amp;quot;Neglect&amp;quot; "Neglect" Rated Stars What happens when the lights go out? Drama An Election Broadcast An Election Broadcast Rated Stars Who will you choose? Informative La Cenerentola La Cenerentola Rated Stars Oh dear. Other Cock Rockets in Somalia Cock Rockets in Somalia Rated Stars Cock Rockets meet black people. Drama Watching Lost Watching Lost Rated Stars Two pirates try to decipher the last episode of Lost. Comedy - Parody Flash Of The Millenium Flash Of The Millenium Rated Stars This makes you wet. Comedy - Original Lost: A Summary Lost: A Summary Rated Stars i cant have lahers round moy babeh, chaleh Informative Watching Fight Club Watching Fight Club Rated Stars Two pirates talk about Fight Club. And they're idiots. Informative Cock Rockets in Japan Cock Rockets in Japan Rated Stars Now with extra kawaii Action Now This Is A Story Now This Is A Story Rated Stars I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. Drama I Am The Sloth I Am The Sloth Rated Stars Not the walrus. Drama

2008 Submissions

Saints Of Jovaland: Part1 Saints Of Jovaland: Part1 Rated Stars The beginning of a new series Action Cock Rockets Cock Rockets Rated Stars Mwmike and Sidorio present... Drama Jopsh Jopsh Rated Stars Jopsh's short-sighted arrogance leads him in a world of hurt. Action Vere Tandem Vere Tandem Rated Stars Third Experimental Brian and Phillip Brian and Phillip Rated Stars A cool new series Comedy - Original I'd Like To Apologise I'd Like To Apologise Rated Stars Sorry guys Other CS's Wank Week CS's Wank Week Rated Stars OH NO! Comedy - Parody Congratulations, John! Congratulations, John! Rated Stars McCainister Drama CS's Bonfire Night CS's Bonfire Night Rated Stars This flash has made your day. Other CS Learns Physics CS Learns Physics Rated Stars Cool Informative CS And The Deadly Tunnel CS And The Deadly Tunnel Rated Stars WAT Action CS's Religious Adventure CS's Religious Adventure Rated Stars This is so fucking retarded Action Captain Steve's Adventure Captain Steve's Adventure Rated Stars Fuck you, Sidorio Experimental The Back Room The Back Room Rated Stars My first serious flash Drama Bitey Of Iraqenwood Bitey Of Iraqenwood Rated Stars Wow Comedy - Parody Sunshine Meets B IV Sunshine Meets B IV Rated Stars AWESOME Experimental The Truth About Madness The Truth About Madness Rated Stars Sidorio uncovers the truth. Informative Maneo Steti Maneo Steti Rated Stars wat Experimental Sunshine Meets B III Sunshine Meets B III Rated Stars teh third one Experimental Pico 3D Pico 3D Rated Stars Blurry Pico Shit Action WW III WW III Rated Stars True story. Permaneo Unus Permaneo Unus Rated Stars Experiment Experimental The Longest Cat You Know The Longest Cat You Know Rated Stars Longcat is loooooooooooooooooooooooo oong. Experimental Sick Joke Collection III Sick Joke Collection III Rated Stars Oh, my eyes. To The Last Man To The Last Man Rated Stars Experimental Action Kids Love Pie Kids Love Pie Rated Stars Oh dear god Sidorio's Newgrounds Sidorio's Newgrounds Rated Stars Oh, the horror